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Chen Yi Fei

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This remarkable young man arrived in the United States without speaking a word of English. By October 1983, Chen Yifei's first one-man exhibition at the prestigious Hammer Galleries in New York City met with overwhelming success and sold out in the first week of the show. His harmonious blending of romanticism and realism, and his mastery of the portrait form, have combined to make him one of the most sought after painters by international collectors today. His second exhibition, one year later and also at the Hammer Galleries, concluded with the same results, only this time, the majority of his works were sold out even before the doors opened.

Born in the city of Suzhou, referred to as the "Venice of the East", Mr. Chen graduated from the Shanghai Art College in 1965. During that same year he joined the staff of the Shanghai Institute of Painting where he later became the head of the Oil Painting Department. Chen Yifei has been appointed to membership in the illustrious National Association of Fine Artists in China and was the first artist from the People's Republic of China to come to the United States to study and work.

His paintings have been included in major exhibitions in Japan, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, the U.S. and of course, in his homeland of China.

The luminous and poetic paintings of Chen Yifei which seek to convey a peaceful quality of life, often depict pastoral scenes of rural China and characterize the perpetual link of the past and present in the history of his culture. The canals and the ancient bridges that span them, are of special significance to the artist for these are the architectural symbols that represent important meeting places where people gather to exchange goods, information and currency. These bridges, sometimes more than 1,000 years old, are the focus from which Mr. Chen views the world. His painting for WFUNA, "Bridge of Peace", symbolizes free exchange between all cultures of the world, and is his tribute to the work and the endeavors of the United Nations at it's fortieth anniversary.

Well-known in the USA, having lived and worked in New York 1980-1990, his European reputation is growing after showing at the Venice Biennale and at Marlborough London, 1997.

Chen is also an established film-maker.